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Sergio Sollima’s THE BIG GUNDOWN led me to the same director’s REVOLVER, which led me to write a piece for The Chiseler about Oliver Reed. Here.

There’s so much to say about this guy. I didn’t even get around to my favourite story, about when the producers of TOMMY made the mistake of putting Reed and Keith Moon in the same hotel. The two substance abusers hit it off, and one time Moon knocked on Ollie’s door and asked for some help moving his waterbed. Now, a waterbed contains an insane weight of water, you simply CAN’T move them when they’re full, but Ollie was game to try, so he grabbed an end and wrenched. Succeeded in bursting it. The water flooded the room, which then collapsed into the room below.

You have to give him credit: many rock stars have been accused of destroying hotel rooms, but they generally only destroy the CONTENTS. They merely DEFACE the rooms. Here, Reed and Moon succeed in literally demolishing two rooms, and they weren’t even trying.

I should write more about REVOLVER too, and when I’ve watched more poliziotteschi, something on the genre, which is really interesting. Cop movies always have the ability to be progressive, though that path is strewn with pitfalls. REVOLVER is a bit sexist — how long does it take for us to meet a clothed woman? — but it puts the blame where it belongs.


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New at The Chiseler, this excellent piece by the Lumiere Sisters. I may have contributed the odd word or idea, but very little I can directly trace. Treat it as a Kubrickian monolith that’s just, you know, arrived from places unknown, its origins and purpose still a total mystery.

Yellow Chamber Journalism

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My first NEW piece for the new Chiseler is UP. Deals with master of the locked room mystery John Dickson Carr, AKA Carter Dickson AKA Roger Fairbairn.

Republished at the same site is a piece on the First Mrs Bogart, Maya Methot, written with Phoebe Green.