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Stereoscopic Amphibian

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , , , , on June 24, 2018 by dcairns

Put your glasses on now!

We rocked up too late at the Piazza Maggiore last night, hoping to see Emilio Fernandez’ ENAMORADA, but there were no seats, owing to the Scorsese Effect — the great man was introducing the movie and a lot of people came just for that. We ended up being among them as the idea of standing for the whole feature film was a little too much — it looked AMAZING though (shot by Gabriel Figueroa) so we’ll have to catch it another time at a less spectacular venue (probably our home), outwith this festival.

We tried to compensate by seeing REVENGE OF THE CREATURE in 3D at midnight, which is no substitute. If your heart is set on Maria Felix then no gillman, however charismatic, can take her place. And as for John Agar, you can see why they named a jelly after him. But it was worth it to see the amphibious protagonist raid a lobster house during a jazz performance — the close shot of the trombone player was suitably stereoscopic.


All the same, I can’t help feeling sorry for the creature.


Peace Breaks Out

Posted in FILM with tags , , , on June 23, 2018 by dcairns

In the 1917 animated British short EVER BEEN HAD? … wait, before I get into the plot, there’s the title. I was wondering if John Lydon was inspired by it. Maybe that’s the whole reason I suggested catching the BFI’s program of British silent toons…

In the 1917 animated British short EVER BEEN HAD? (by cartoonist Dudley Buxton) the man in the moon (pictured) has a fight with his wife (the woman in the moon, pre-Fritz Lang) and falls to earth (pre-Thomas Jerome Newton) where he meets the last surviving Englishman, weeping against a backdrop of smoldering ruins and volcanoes. The distraught Brit explains that, because Britain signed a premature peace treaty ending WWI a year early, Germany secretly rearmed and attacked with electric rays, destroying the fleet, the British Zeppelin Force (BZF) and London.

Then it’s suddenly revealed that the old weeper is really a movie actor, and that Britain fought the war of attrition to its bitter end, and now there’s only one German, a small one, kept in the zoo.

As John L. Sullivan would say, it’s a film that teaches a lesson. But it does it in such a bizarre manner that you don’t mind.

A modest first day’s viewing — this program of shorts, two features (one of them the 55 minute masterpiece DAINAH LA METISSE, the other the delightful Italian comedy LA FORTUNA DI ESSERE DONNA with Sophia & Marcello) plus an intro by Maestro Scorsese. BUT it looks like we’re going to be ambitious and try to make it to the midnight showing of REVENGE OF THE CREATURE in 3D, what with Jack Arnold having been on our minds lately.

Bolognese Earrings

Posted in FILM with tags , on June 22, 2018 by dcairns

Off to Il Cinema Ritrovato.

Momo the cat is lodging with our friend Dottie.

Our flat is being revamped in our absence (we need SHELVES!) by live-in handyman Travis.

Two flights with a ridiculously long stopover in Paris CDG. Last time was a strain, so we’re leaving really early to allow plenty of time, which means we’re not sleeping tonight.

If we’re very ambitious, and conscious, we could be seeing a movie in the Piazza Maggiore at 9.45pm. The movie is MADAME DE… so it’s pretty tempting.