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Late, Late, Late

Posted in FILM with tags , on November 28, 2019 by dcairns

I thought about scheduling this a week later, especially since I haven’t watched any suitable films yet, but what the heck?

December 1st is a Sunday, which is perfect — the start of the week. We can begin gently, with an intertitle… I have a film in mind…

Cold Day in the Park

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Lovely images from the end of THE SOUND OF THE MOUNTAIN, directed by Mikio Naruse, written by top screenwriter Yôko Mizuki, photographed by Masao Tamai — who had just come off GODZILLA.

Since the film is mostly interiors and streets, this sudden expansiveness imparts a refreshing liberation — which the characters feel along with the audience. They don’t run around to the tune of Can’t Buy Me Love or anything like that, but they get the benefit.

The actors are Setsuko Hara of TOKYO STORY fame, Japanese cinema’s good daughter, and Sô Yamamura, who also worked for Ozu as well as appearing in a dizzying array of more commercial stuff, from LONE WOLF AND CUB: BABY CART IN PERIL to TORA TORA TORA to GUNG HO.

My first Naruse! I shall see more.

Typically by now I would have announced The Late Show: The Late Movies Blogathon, but I have left it… rather late. I shall let you guide me: if anyone comments below with an idea for a piece they could write about any filmmaker’s late work, then we shall declare ALL SYSTEMS GO.


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The Late Show expands over to The Notebook with a new edition of The Forgotten, in order to consider Bernard “Mad” Vorhaus’s SO YOUNG, SO BAD, the quote quickie king’s penultimate film, his last US one before the blacklist slammed the door in his face. Girls in prison! Tracking shots into empty rooms! Careful with that fire hose! Here.

Stars Victor and Muriel Laszlo, Altaira Morbius and Googie Gomez.

Plus, we have new entries! Friend and collaborator Scout Tafoya weighs in on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND at Apocalypse Now, with an individual approach I just loved, swerving midstream to also encompass Bud Boetticher’s last western.

And another friend, Jaime N. Christley, takes a radically different approach to the same/a similar subject at his Filmsaurus, here. Both are must-reads, I promise you. Tears in my eyes.

And we have another MUMMY limerick, because you can never have too many MUMMY limericks (apparently).

Tomorrow: more links (I hope) and a new edition of The Shadowcast!