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The Double Standard

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Movie trailer voice-overs still seem to be pretty much entirely narrated by men — although I get the impression that voice-overs are now considered slightly old-hat. They’re going the way of the hyperbolic superimposed title and it’s all sliced-up bits of dialogue now. Fashion dominates the movie trailer more than in any other form of advertising, leading to them all seeming the same, which seems like a poor way of getting the audience’s attention…


Cast-Off Thousands

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In case anyone is attempted to assume I manipulated or faked up the frame grabs which blatantly show the wrong actors’ faces and names combined — I didn’t. I just chose my moments carefully. The only one that is shockingly wrong in its original context is Peter Cushing, where evidently the chump cutting the trailer for SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN just didn’t know who he was.

You win some kind of abstract points, possibly redeemable in the afterlife, for correctly identifying the movies.

Twice As Gay (2)

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I suppose that IS pretty gay, at that.

Lots of trailers have captions beginning with the word “AS.” That’s the only reason.

Back from London, feeling pretty sleepy. Slow news day. Will report on my London experiences and my encounters with academia soon…