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Rhyme and Punishment

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In our annual Countdown to Halloween over at Limerwrecks, we’re continuing our pre-code theme by looking at 30s horror movies.

I’ve attempted to capture Colin Clive, Walter Huston and Lionel Atwill in five-line verse so far, and there’s more to come this week. Here.

Scroll further back for more pre-code poetic posies.


Hyde Perks

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Lots of limericks on the 1931 DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE over at Limerwrecks. Some of them by me.


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Dietrich 03

Staying with the pre-code theme, Limerwrecks has been focussing on the years 1930-1934.

I weigh in on DISHONORED here, LADIES THEY TALK ABOUT here, THE SCARLET EMPRESS here, something fairly non-specific here but we’ve gone with RED DUST, and KING KONG again here. And there’s more where that came from!