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Dietrich 03

Staying with the pre-code theme, Limerwrecks has been focussing on the years 1930-1934.

I weigh in on DISHONORED here, LADIES THEY TALK ABOUT here, THE SCARLET EMPRESS here, something fairly non-specific here but we’ve gone with RED DUST, and KING KONG again here. And there’s more where that came from!

Pre-Code Red

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We’ve gone pre-code crazy over at Limerwrecks. My contributions are here (on FRANKENSTEIN, co-written with Surly Hack), here (that old favourite KONG again), this one one Will Hays which I have no memory of writing at all, this one which covers a panoply of pre-code sleaze and sensation, another Hack-collab here on censorship.

This series may run and run!

The Sunday Intertitle: Fit as a Fiddle and Ready for Love

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Emil Jannings preposterously proposes himself trapeze-ready in an intertitle from E.A. Dupont’s fabled VARIETE, which will be wowing them at the Bo’ness Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema on March 19th. Attendees will receive a programme note written by myself.

What else? Ah yes, limericks, on various Nosferatus (Nosferati?) at Limerwrecks, herehere, here and here and a collaborative one (I contributed four syllables) here.

And — another look behind the scenes of THE NORTHLEACH HORROR. This time, meet the gaffer:

THE NORTHLEACH HORROR – Behind the Scenes Part 2 from Dave Jack on Vimeo.

If you’re lovely and would like to contribute to our Indiegogo campaign — funding to help enhance Jane Gardner’s score and Danny Carr and Garry Marshall’s amazing special effects and the sound design — go here. There are exciting prizes to be won and access to be gleaned!

Oh, and MAYBE I’ll watch the Oscars tonight, and MAYBE I’ll do some of that live-blogging.


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