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Blogney and Racy

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Over at The Chiseler, a cryptic triptych of blogneys (definition provided) and a set of fun facts I have made up about pre-code personnel. The Chiseler — bringing you the facts other publications haven’t dreamed up yet.

Over at Limerwrecks, we continue to try to find rhymes for Peter Lorre, as in this collaborative effort. And the site welcomes Shadowplayer DBenson to its staple of scribes.

A Lorre End

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We’ve been limericking about Peter Lorre over at Limerwrecks: for the full assortment, go here. The relevant one today is here, celebrating Peter’s last role, opposite Jerry Lewis in THE PATSY.

Horror host Hilary Barta adds to the confusion today with a five-line stroll through Fritz Lang’s final MABUSE flick, here. It’s a movie I previously mused about here.


Scanty Shanties

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Limerwrecks just came back from sabbatical

With a section that’s Blackbeard-fanatical

It’s dotted with rhymes

About nautical crimes

In a text you’ll say smacks of piratical.

We had some pirate-based limericks at Limerwrecks, and you can read them all by following this link. Rated Arrh!


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