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Asta La Vista

Posted in FILM with tags , , on September 22, 2018 by dcairns


My new video essay for Criterion, edited by Stephen Horne, is up!

Subject: Skippy the dog, star of THE THIN MAN, BRINGING UP BABY, and THE AWFUL TRUTH.

Throw me a bone, here.


Kid Stuff

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , on June 7, 2018 by dcairns

My third Anatomy of a Gag video essay on Chaplin is up at Criterion, here. It’s definitely the cutest.

Sadly, we couldn’t figure out a way to include my signed photo of Jackie Coogan, but here’s a photo of the photo.

Choking Charlie

Posted in FILM with tags , on May 31, 2018 by dcairns

My second Anatomy of a Gag on Chaplin, edited by Stephen Horne, produced by Liz Helfgott, is up at Criterion. This one is one I’m very chuffed with, as I hone in on a recurring motif in Chaplin that nobody else, so far as I know, has analysed.