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Carlos Laemmle Presenta ~

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Another James Whale horror movie?

Read all about it over at The Notebook.


Checking boxes

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You know how I said I was really busy viewing film festival submissions and art school applications? Well, I have less of the latter to view this year, as it turns out, so that’s not so bad. The whole thing is still a KARMIC SEWER, though — with a few clicks, I sentence to death the dreams of young hopefuls, again and again. It’s not the most enjoyable sensation. And in the few instances where I can honestly give a wholeheartedly welcoming response, I have no way of knowing if it will bear fruit: someone further up the food chain may doom the applicant for their own reasons, or the talented applicant, having received a better offer, may take their skills elsewhere.

Still, I managed to watch the first two installments of Bertrand Tavernier’s TV series Voyage à Travers le Cinéma Français, which is ace, even better than Scorsese’s similar shows, and that gave me a clue as to what to watch for this fortnight’s edition of The Forgotten. It even gave me the key image (above). Now the piece is up and you can rush over and find out what film it is.


Fire and Fury

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There are some striking images in this one… The Forgotten, over at The Notebook, tackles Shiro Toyoda’s PORTRAIT OF HELL. There’s a substantial clip containing some blistering cinematic action, too. It’s not all beautiful prose!