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The breeze-block-like countenance of Brian Dennehy always comforts me.

Over at The Notebook, an obscure Joseph Sargent TV mini-series.

Sargent is the man. And he directed a film called THE MAN, so that works.




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I’m on a train from York which won’t let me upload pictures.

The new edition of my column The Forgotten, however, is here.

And where else are you going to see Tommy Udo, Mister Tibbs, the Glueman, Det. Milton Arbogast, Underdog and Giacomo Casanova all on the same battleship?

Don’t Get Short With Me

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The long-unawaited return of The Forgotten, here.

Polish jazz by the fireside. A hand placed in a drawer to be slammed. A beehive hairdo big enough for just one bee.

Any Janusz Majewski fans? Maybe we can make some of our own…

Coming shortly: a podcast on the important and timely topic of human miniaturisation.