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Duckling, You Sucker!

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I think this might be Bernard Bresslaw’s only name-above-the-title moment… in a film once considered lost, now merely… Forgotten. Or else remembered as “that comedy Jekyll & Hyde film Hammer made and then regretted.”


No Escape

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Boileau-Narcejac! Jeanne Moreau! Need I say more? I’m going to. The Forgotten returns to The Notebook at MUBI with a fascinatingly grim twist-thriller set during wartime and casting a rather jaundiced eye over the French home front. Here.


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Over at The Notebook, we have another Frank Tuttle obscurity illumined, or perhaps further obscured, by my prose analysis. PLEASURE CRUISE is a racy and unusual pre-code starring the ineffable Roland Young (not pictured). It will change your life!

Featuring Della Street, Cosmo Topper, Sir Hugo Baskerville, Minnie, Much the miller’s son, Mimi Jorgensen, Hives the butler and Professor Summerlee.