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Skin Games

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A gruesome twosome from what one departing filmmaker referred to as Sixteenth Century Fox, if I recall correctly. Here, at The Notebook.

HUMAN CARGO stars Dallas; Quatermass McGinty; Professor Marvel’s brother; Elsa Bannister; and Beard #1

SLAVE SHIP stars The Cisco Kid; Pancho Villa; Mrs. Copperfield; Mr. Yunioshi; Addison DeWitt; Ma Joad; Capt. Alfred Dreyfus; Leuwen Grayle; Victor Radin; Mimi Wynant Jorgenson; Uncle Arn; ‘Sourpuss’; Queen Tika; Emperor Ming; Snug – The Joiner; Dr. John Lanyon; Stymie; Gimpy Lamb; and Laurence Talbot.

Return of the Kings

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New edition of Forgotten By Fox over here! Looking at Fox’s remakes of silent classics: DANTE’S INFERNO gets a look in, just so I can post video of the hell sequence which is mind-blowing, and then we’re on to Henry King’s talkies of Borzage’s SEVENTH HEAVEN and Griffith’s WAY DOWN EAST, which also get clips to give you an idea. Some of Simone Simon’s close-ups in the former may take the sting out of quarantine for those indoors.

WAY DOWN EAST stars Tom Joad; Jessie Pullman; Irving Pincus: the Wicked Witch of the West; Pa Joad; Link Appleyard; Penny Sycamore; Susan Paine; Aunt Milly; Whitey; Mr. Herman Shimelplatzer; Mrs. Carol Stark; Mary Todd Lincoln; and Michaela Villegas.

SEVENTH HEAVEN stars Irena Dubrovna Reed; John ‘Scottie’ Ferguson; Dr. Paul Christian; Max Fabian; Mrs. Manette; Miser Stevens; ‘Pap’ Finn; ‘Concentration Camp’ Ehrhardt; Frau Berndl; Napoleon Bonaparte; Malita; Lo Tinto; and Dr. Leonardo.

Marshall Law

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Since we skipped a week in Forgotten By Fox, we’re having another one this week, a George Marshall double feature of kidnapping dramas for all you abductors out there. Over here.

SHOW THEM NO MERCY! stars Lillian ‘Lillums’ Lovewell; The Joker; John Driscoll; Count Jacob; Goldie Locke; Angelface; Hamilton Burger; Major Tetley; Captain Fifi; and The Unknown.

NANCY STEELE IS MISSING! stars Gypo Nolan; Nero Wolfe; Mr. Moto; Lorna MacLaurel; Baron Latos; Ma Joad; Major Tetley again; Brick Bradford; Man Yelling for Food (uncredited); Amos Hart; Secretary of War Stanton; Detective Bates; Apollo Creed’s corner; Mrs Hudson; Dr. Alexis Zarkov; and The Unknown again.