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Here’s mud in your eye

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My programme notes from the Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema’s screening of EARTH are now up at The Chiseler, and can be read by clicking on this word: THINGY.

The Spice of Life

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Accompanied by Stephen Horne (piano and various) and Frank Bockius (percussion), E.A. Dupont’s VARIETE was a triumph at the Bo’ness Hippodrome. Deliberately rather cold, the movie depends on visual strength to put across its impact, so the restored picture makes a BIG difference. My programme notes, adapted from an original Shadowplay post, have now been adapted into a Chiseler essay, available here.

One thing I never mentioned — excellent use of Emil Jannings’ bulging back. He’s introduced in prison from the rear, and during the long flashback which comprises the story, Dupont again focusses on the rear view each time the character takes an additional step on his journey to potential damnation. Very effective!


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A fresh chiseling over at The Chiseler, this one inspired by my viewing of the early Pola Negri melodrama MANIA at the Bo’ness Hippodrome. You can devour it with your hungry eyes here. Please do!

While you’re reading, you can actually play a piece of the music we enjoyed at the screening, thanks to YouTube and Czerwie, the band responsible. Multimedia!


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