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The fairest one of all

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , , on June 1, 2017 by dcairns

I first saw Claude Miller’s stylish MORTELLE RANDONEE back in the 80s in BBC2’s Film Club strand. They had a habit of pairing one recent film with an older one of the same genre, so maybe this was paired with QUAIS DES ORFEVRES or something (I remember they screened that at some point). My feeling at the time was “starts strong, goes off the boil, staggers to its conclusion.” I was worried that, seeing it again so much later, my opinion would be unchanged. Parts of the film had stayed with me, so I felt it had something going for it. I don’t like the idea that I might not have evolved.

I rather loved the film this time! Those aspects of it which go unexplained for most of the runtime — like the central character’s entire motivation — worked especially well for me now that I’ve built up my negative capability a bit. And fans of neat endings need not worry — the movie wraps everything up in a ball at the end, though with a sense of enigmatic, even numinous, maintained around the edges. There’s telepathy, but it’s more of a stylistic choice than a plot point.

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Handbook for the Confused

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I’m actually reading about Heydrich right now, but I have to admit, this one looks more fun.

To find out which Preston Sturges-scripted ’30s comedy it derives from, go here. Nothing bad will happen.

Daredevilled Ham

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Introducing Harry Piel! Germany’s answer to Fairbanks and Houdini. Tiger-taming, perilous dangling, fisticuffs and disguises! Plus boxing dogs.

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I’ve spent too little time wondering what it must be like to be a canine pugilist. Apparently it’s quite dull, as the little fellows keep yawning, even as they’re socking each other in the snouts.