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The Last Battle

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Thanks to Reveletor60 for supplying me with a subtitled copy of Abel Gance’s not-even-final-film AUSTERLITZ — so this edition of The Late Show: The Late Movies Blogathon can begin with an edition of The Forgotten on that august subject. Click here.

I’ve been really lazy and haven’t chased anyone up to contribute this year. Still, I hope there will be entries. Use the comments section to announce them, or send me texts and I’ll publish here.

[Cold, Felliniesque wind whistles through…]


America, F*ck No

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Why are so many of Paul Newman’s films (at least half) completely obscure and forgotten? And why are the colours of the New Orleans branch of the Playboy Club the same as those of the Nazi swastika? Here.

I don’t say I have the answers, but I am asking the questions. “Get out of here before you wind up in somebody’s conspiracy theory.”

A Great Dame with a Great Dane

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I didn’t want to follow my Forgotten on THE BURGLAR with one on SCREAMING MIMI. but I hadn’t watched anything else suitable, so SCREAMING MIMI is proved to be. And an interesting object to talk about, at that. Anita Ekberg stars, Gerd Oswald directs.