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Last week’s edition of The Forgotten got bumped owing to Berlin, so here it is this week. Nobody guess who the image was off or what the film was last week, which is hardly surprising — you would had to have just watched the movie to recall the shot, and nobody out there is watching this movie, which is why I wrote about it in the Forgotten. A neglected production by international shady producers the Salkinds, made right after their THREE MUSKETEERS films with Richard Lester, and starring Milady herself, Faye Dunaway, who’s paired with Frank “Disco Dracula” Langella — already, this sounds like a film that should be better known, and when you factor in Rene Clement as director, a sensation of “where have you been all my life?” starts to obtrude.

En pointe

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“No woman who was really upset would point her feet like that,” said Fiona — not just in response to the above image, but to the way the feet remain graceful and balletic even as the woman gets up. But who is the woman? What is the film? Find out in this fortnight’s Forgotten —

As soon as my editor, high-stepping it in Berlin, can get to a computer and publish it. Watch this space.

Or this one, right next to it.

Tum te tum te tum…

Gene Giannini Lives on his Back

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Spoiler alert! Rod Steiger as Gene Giannini lives (and dies) on his back in the late Francesco Rosi’s LUCKY LUCIANO.

Over at The Forgotten.


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