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Never Take Candy from Strangers

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This edition of The Forgotten, over at MUBI’s The Notebook, is both a follow-up to Cornell Woolrich Week, dealing with an adaptation celebrated in its country of origin but little nown elsewhere, and really my first taste of Argentinian cinema. Fortunately, it’s a delicious one, and possibly the start of a new obsession — expect more here on the work of Carlos Hugo Christensen.


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This week’s Forgotten — it being my summer break from teaching, I got mixed up on the dates — handed this in with seconds to spare, got it published, then published yesterday’s VICTIM piece instead of linking to this woozy appreciation of Lutz Dammbeck’s psychotronic animation EINMART, which you can see in its entirety over at The Notebook.


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We conclude Seventies Sci-Fi Week-and-a-half with a visit to the DEAD MOUNTAINEER’S HOTEL, where a hardboiled Estonian detective finds himself in the wrong genre altogether. Over at The Notebook, as this fortnight’s Forgotten.


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