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The Shaky Arm of the Law

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The renowned criminal trio Simenon, Clouzot and Decoin unite in this fortnight’s edition of The Forgotten. There will be blood. Drink will be taken.

Here‘s to crime.

The Obligatory Dick Miller

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When my school friend Robert and I first became aware of Dick Miller, being impressed by him in AFTER HOURS (“He said the title!”) but realizing that somehow we already knew him from many films, we had trouble remembering his name. It seemed too ordinary for him. So we called him The Character Actor.

One thing we quickly realized is that The Character Actor nearly always turned up in Joe Dante films, as a kind of Added Treat.

Here he is (left)  making his obligatory appearance in Joe Dante’s excoriating satire THE SECOND CIVIL WAR, the timely subject of this fortnight’s edition of The Forgotten. Now THAT’S character!

The Collins Sisters

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Over at The Notebook, the latest edition of The Forgotten examines a late work by a great filmmaker, and finds it not-so-great but still, ou know, of interest.

Multiple images of Joan Collins are ALWAYS of interest.


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