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We conclude Seventies Sci-Fi Week-and-a-half with a visit to the DEAD MOUNTAINEER’S HOTEL, where a hardboiled Estonian detective finds himself in the wrong genre altogether. Over at The Notebook, as this fortnight’s Forgotten.

OK when the bomb goes off

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I must stop quoting THE KNACK I must stop quoting THE KNACK I must stop quoting THE KNACK (see title).

More Lester at The Forgotten, which returns after three weeks, due to a flurry or activity at home and abroad (Locarno). JUGGERNAUT is maybe not forgotten but it’s definitely undervalued.

The Image

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This fortnight’s edition of The Forgotten looks at THE MAN WHO LIES, by writer-director Alain Robbe-Grillet. I’ve meant to write something about him for ages, but never found an angle that made him clear to me. His erotic fantasies — sexy but queasy and dodgy — are presented in detail but never explored as to meaning, and don’t seem particularly connected to his interest in deconstructing narrative. A clue was provided by Mme. Robbe-Grillet’s revelations about her marital life, and I now see Robbe-Grillet as some kind of Hitchcockian fetishist, constructing filmed rituals as a kind of sublimation of the conventional sex drive.

As I explain here.


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