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Night Moves

Posted in FILM with tags , , , on November 26, 2015 by dcairns


Charles Vanel directed one feature film. Learn more in this fortnight’s Forgotten, over at the Notebook. Link.

The Jitters

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , on November 12, 2015 by dcairns


If you know the work of Norihuko Obayashi, it’s probably from his loony horror film, HAUSU. I was delighted to find his loony arthouse film, EMOTION, is just as loony. You can see for yourself at this link. Afterwards, you may need to lie down.

Residencia Evil

Posted in FILM with tags , , , on October 29, 2015 by dcairns


A Halloween-themed Forgotten!

I’ve tried to avoid serious spoilers, but Narciso Ibanez Serrador’s LA RESIDENCIA is probably best viewed knowing nothing at all. Not even your own name.



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