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Elsa, She-Wolf of the S.S.

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Elsa alert!

This fortnight’s Forgotten tackles one of those curiously lighthearted responses to the dark days of WWII. Take off on a flight of fantasy — and KILL HITLER!


Magic Brains

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Above: is this the original FLOATING HEAD OF DEATH? She haunts my dreams, and those of Cinema itself. Arthur Frain from ZARDOZ agrees with me, and Virginia Madsen at the start of DUNE supports me fully.

I get deeper into the world of Oz over at The Forgotten this week, in which I’m impressed by the sophistication and imagination of L. Frank Baum’s three 1914 productions, concentrating my attention on THE PATCHWORK GIRL OF OZ.

Contains surprise camera moves, cameos by non-acting movie luminaries, a Woozy, and MAGIC BRAINS.

Carlos Laemmle Presenta ~

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Another James Whale horror movie?

Read all about it over at The Notebook.