The Project Fear Impossible Film Quiz

All you have to do is identify these images… yeah, that’s all ~

Meanwhile, the Halloween edition of The Forgotten looks at a crypto-Draculean effort from Germany known simply as JONATHAN.

And don’t forget, we have a podcast!

12 Responses to “The Project Fear Impossible Film Quiz”

  1. #3 The Iron Rose
    #9 The Church
    #10 The Beyond

  2. Yes! Good going.

  3. #2 A Woman Possessed (La papesse)

  4. The fifth one is The Bloody Pit of Horror, and there’s The Beyond…hmmmmm

  5. No 5. is The Bloody Pit of Horror

  6. Very good! I was convinced La Papesse would defeat just about everyone.

  7. chris kuhrt Says:

    The last one is Dr. Jekyll et les Femmes. Is # 8 La Campagna del Infierno ( Bell from Hell)? Great write-up on Jonathan! The late film critic Elliott Stein included it as one of his top ten films of 1970s in Film Comment in typically idiosyncratic fashion.

  8. chris kuhrt Says:

    Others on Stein’s top ten: Days of Heaven, Zabriskie Point, a Miklos Jancso film called Allegro Barbaro (has anyone seen this?), Salo and Exorcist II: The Heretic…

  9. ehrenstein47 Says:

    In addition to “Jonathan,” Hans W. Geissendorfer has made films of Thoma Mann’s The Magic Mountain with Rod Steiger and Marie-France Pisier and Ibsen’s The Wild Duck with Jean Seberg

  10. Those sound interesting…

    Yes to Bell of Hell and Dr. Jekyll and the Women. Only a few left, I’m impressed!

  11. The suspense, it kills…

  12. OK, #1 is the awesome Homunculus.
    #3 is Jean Rollin’s Requiem for a Vampire, iirc.(Not The Iron Rose, but close)
    #4 is Il Plenilunio delle Vergini AKA The Devil’s Wedding Night.
    #6 is L’Anticristo
    #7 is The Blood Rose
    #11 is The Blancheville Monster
    #12 is the Monster of Venice which climaxes with this guy being chased across St Mark’s Square by a guy in a frogman suit.

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