Two For The Ride

I’m jealous of Clive Donner — everyone talks about how extremely lovable Alan Bates and Denholm Eliot were, and here he gets them both in one film.

NOTHING BUT THE BEST came to mind, having occupied zero space in my watch list, after I stumbled on a copy of Backstory 4 — interviews with screenwriters of the sixties, seventies, eighties — and read the Frederic Raphael interview. This sounded like the one to see, and it’s very enjoyable.

Over at The Forgotten.

3 Responses to “Two For The Ride”

  1. ehrenstein47 Says:

    This was quite a hit when it opened stateside. Alan Bates is peerlessly sexy in all his films — not just “Larry Kramer’s Pajama Party” (aka. “Women in Love”) Clive Donner’s career was quite uneven. He was talented but not consistently so.

  2. Tony Williams Says:

    “Nothing But the Best” first appeared as an ITV play. Again, this is another example of how non-comprehensive records are since I believe it starred Gary Raymond and Twerence Alexander in the Bates and Denholm roles. The same is true for the BBC Sunday TV of AN INSPECTOR CALLS starring John Gregson since I can find no record of that either.

  3. Freddie Raphael talks about having written it for TV first, so that one’s confirmed. Oh, it had a different title:
    And here’s the Gregson:

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