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It’s the end of the year, almost, and the end of Forgotten By Fox. I’d have liked to bring it right up to date, but I spent too long in the 1930s, as usual. I may do some follow-ups here. Did you know SILKWOOD is unavailable to buy, rent or stream?

Anyway, the aptly-titled END OF THE GAME is a good strange one, Maximilian Schell returning to his native Switzerland to film a work by one of that country’s greatest writers, with the writer himself (above) participating as co-scenarist and actor, and a cast featuring Martin Ritt as leading man, Jon Voight as stooge (a role which would become familiar), Jackie Bissett, Donald Sutherland as a corpse, and Lil Dagover, in line with Schell’s interest in screen goddesses.



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I’ve been buying up cheap DVDs. I went all the way up to £1 for this one. I intend at some point to investigate Mike Nichols’ later work more fully. (I paid a whole £2 for Angels in America, which I think was a good decision. You can’t get it!)

I opened the box to check the condition of the disc (and, indeed, its presence — I’ve been cheated before) and my head went back this far. You’ll have to use our imagination here, but picture me holding my hands this far apart.

I’ve never seen SILKWOOD — when I was a teenager, it seemed like it would be boring Oscar-bait, as did just about every other Streep picture (I no longer feel quite that way) — but I know what it’s about. So this design seemed kind of tacky. It may in fact offer a clue as to what bad taste IS. Because it’s obviously sort of appropriate, but in a deeper sense, totally inappropriate. It’s a bit like all those WWII movies that use swastikas in their advertising imagery — those are much worse, but they’re so commonplace they often go unremarked.