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Gaijin Kaijin

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GODZILLA may be in the cinemas, but only on YouTube can you see him battle THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS, courtesy of Michael Aguilar’s stop-motion home-movie epics. An authentic outsider artist in the best sense (and I mean no insult), Michael has no connection I know of to the film industry, but painstakingly produces his own private apocalypses with his own camera, his own monsters, and pleasing his own tastes. All animated a frame at a time, no 12fps compromises, hence the amazing smoothness.

Finished Kong 011

I’m not sure Kong should be orangutan colour, but then, if you’re going to shoot his further adventures in colour, it would be a shame to have him all in basic black.


Michael pays tribute to the creatures of Willis O’Brien and Ray Harryhausen, but he also converts to animation those movie monsters that were originally puppets or men in suits, thus ennobling them. Here’s THE GIANT CLAW, at long last in living colour.

cyclops and giant claw in flight 007

RIP Ray Harryhausen

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Words I hoped never to type.

Harryhausen stamped his imagination on the world, and in the process made us all imagine things differently. We can be grateful that he lived long enough to see that his films lasted and were still loved and his artistry was appreciated.

Fiona, meeting him, said, “I was always fascinated and terrified by the very realistic death throes of your creatures. You traumatised me for life!”

“Well, you seem to be alright now,” he said, genially.

“I’m not!” she replied, equally genially.

Also, a respectful limerick.

A Cave Worthy of Plato (with added monster)

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Over at The Chiseler, a personal reminiscence. Because it’s important regularly to return to the source.

And has it occurred to anyone that the cyclops, with its massive, mastiff, jutting jaw, is pretty much a caricature of Torin Thatcher (far left), the movie’s human villain?

For the sake of audience participation, let’s hear about your early movie traumas and first Ray Harryhausen encounters:


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