Are Movies Magic?


My Criterion essay on DAY FOR NIGHT is here. Above, I have stolen a lobby card as illustration, just as the tiny Truffaut steals CITIZEN KANE stills in his film.

Even more seventies sci-fi tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Are Movies Magic?”

  1. Very nice article. I can’t agree with you however about La Sirene du Mississipi (note deliberate misspelling) which is deeply felt as it came at the apex of his affair with Catherine Deneuve. “You’re so beautiful it hurts to loo at you” is my favorite line in all Truffaut. And I love the final that takes place in the same cabin in the woods as Shoot the Piano Player.

    I trust you recall that when Ingrid Bergman won Best Supporting Actress for Murder on the Orient Express she expressed total surprise as she expected her fried Valentina Cortese to win it for Day For Night specifically for the scenes where she can’t remember her lines — a not uncommon malady among cinematic goddesses. “I’m sorry Valentina –I can’t help it!” she said just before walking off the podium with her Oscar.

  2. The snow at the end is good in La Sirene, I will admit that. Snow always seems to come to Truffaut’s rescue. It positively MAKES Fahrenheit 451.

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