We conclude Seventies Sci-Fi Week-and-a-half with a visit to the DEAD MOUNTAINEER’S HOTEL, where a hardboiled Estonian detective finds himself in the wrong genre altogether. Over at The Notebook, as this fortnight’s Forgotten.


3 Responses to “Vacancy”

  1. ” Isaac Asimov had some kind of rule about detective stories being difficult in science fiction.”

    Recent Doctor Who series I’ve seen do seem to break this rule by having the Doctor and his friend land in a place with something strange and science fiction-y going on, They then have to work out the “rules” of the place, over 45 minutes, before the place, or something from it kills them. That seems to be the standard format (like that Flatline one)
    Probably because Steven Moffat also does Sherlock

  2. It’s got everything but Udo Kier!

  3. Helmut Berger might be more at home in this environment.

    I guess the sci-fi investigation substitutes the pleasure of seeing an imaginative, logical but fantastical scenario unfolded, for the guessing-fame of the traditional detective fiction.

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