When Kong comes into the Bedroom, Love Goes out the Window

Crazy scene. Kong’s demented expressions when he looks in the window. It’s one of the great nightmare images, right up there with the twister from THE WIZARD OF OZ and all that impedimenta sailing past Dorothy Gale’s window.

Both scenes achieved using rear projection, I guess, which is the true medium of dreams. Check out ORPHEE. Cocteau was onto this. Stop-motion animation also has one herky-jerky foot in the unconscious also: Starewicz, Chomon, Svankmajer…

I feel really sorry for the first gal Kong grabs, the one in the nice pajamas. The shock of waking to a huge gorilla bearing down (or gorilla-ing down) on you, snatching you from your warm bed into a windy New York night, and then dumping you twenty storeys down to the sidewalk just because you ain’t blonde. I think it’s fair to say it would be hard to get over something like that.


9 Responses to “When Kong comes into the Bedroom, Love Goes out the Window”

  1. David Ehrenstein Says:

    “Giant Gorillas Prefer Blondes” would be a great title for a musical version

  2. Featuring the show-stoppers “Simians are a Girl’s Best Friend” and “When Love Goes Kong.”

  3. Tony Williams Says:

    “When Kong reaches out to grope the lovely Fay, Ou-la-la! Ces’t Manefigue!

  4. With the first woman, the horror is also that she might think she’s experiencing a nightmare, and not reality. That’s worthy of Tod Browning.

  5. There WAS a Broadway musical version:

    And a Family Friendly Animated Movie:

    And a 60s Saturday Morning series, which had some fuzzy connection to the Japanese movie “King Kong Escapes”:

  6. I remember the BBC screened Magilla Gorilla AND The Great Grape Ape, which even at the time seemed nearly identical giant ape cartoons. Of course I watched them, but I knew they weren’t any good and I knew they were Kong knock-offs.

  7. Actually, Magilla was a TV cartoon subgenre: supposedly caged animals versus their keepers (Wally Gator, Squiddly Diddly, Tennessee Tuxedo, the Hair Bear Bunch). In the case of normal-sized Magilla, it was a diminutive pet shop owner desperate to sell him.

    Anyway, one more semi-musical Kong. “Mad Monster Party”, an oddity by the people who made all those Christmas specials, had an unnamed Kong appear and try to carry off the heroine late in the game. He didn’t sing, but Boris Karloff (voicing a caricature of himself) did:

  8. Interesting to learn that my memory has repainted Magilla as just another Grape Ape. Well, they weren’t memorable cartoons.

  9. I was at the ideal age to have Magilla Gorilla imprinted on my brain for life. I remember nothing of the cartoon except the name.

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