The Sunday Intertitle: Kick

This is one thing I watched on Saturday — KID BOOTS, starring Eddie Cantor and Clara Bow and Billie Dove. Yes, I know, Eddie Cantor gets all the pussy.

I underrated Cantor the silent comic — he’s pretty funny here, and very agile. Director Frank Tuttle, who staged some of the best bedroom farce stuff ever in MISS BLUEBEARD (Bebe Daniels and Raymond Griffith) does a fine job with more slapstick situational stuff here. Plus Clara is gorgeous and appealing and fiery.

This is a truncated version — the one we saw in Bologna has an extra two reels, courtesy of the researches of David Stenn in the Paramount archives. He introduced the film with Kevin Brownlow and stated his view that the next generation of miraculous film rediscoveries will be those that have been lurking unrecognized in studio vaults all along.

Sample intertitles:

“Excuse me — I didn’t know you were the lady I was kicking!”

And, while Eddie and Clara are dangling from a cliff together: “I’m not in any position to ask you, but when I get on my feet, will you marry me?”

8 Responses to “The Sunday Intertitle: Kick”

  1. bensondonald Says:

    Cantor also did the talkies Kid Millions and Kid From Spain. There was a Kid Gloves in 1929, but that seems to have been a drama with Conrad Nagel.

  2. I think I’m going to try Kid from Spain when I get home. Been meaning to.

  3. bensondonald Says:

    It will challenge your ability to synopsize. But fun, although I’m still partial to “Roman Scandals”.

  4. Roman Scandals is pretty amazing. Prime Busby Berekeley madness.

  5. Kid From Spain has one of my favorite pre-code openings of all time. Completely disconnected from the rest of the movie, and up to your eyeballs in smut. The rest of the movie pales, but I cannot recommend the first five minutes highly enough.

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