Questions, questions

I am in Bologna, after a long but remarkably stress-free trip. Plans to dine with one set of friends immediately derailed though and I ended up sharing zuppa inglese with Jonathan Rosenbaum, a rare kind of double pleasure in terms of nourishment and fascinating company. I attempted to defend some of my favourite white elephant artists. Then I wandered to the Piazza Maggiore to see THE GRADUATE but arrived so late that I would have had to stand at the back all through it — to spare my feet, I just watched the opening and headed back to the pensione.

Today sees the official start of Il Cinema Ritrovato so should give me more to report…

5 Responses to “Questions, questions”

  1. bensondonald Says:

    Supposedly, Dustin Hoffman was set to play the Nazi musical comedy writer in “The Producers” when he got cast in “The Graduate”. So many What If scenarios …

  2. And Charles Grodin nearly played Ben. And I think Redford may have been considered.

    I’m sure Hoffman’s Franz Liebkind would have been fantastisch.

  3. bensondonald Says:

    The marriage of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft puts another random link between the two movies. Wondering if Brooks and Mike Nichols knew each other from the comedy world.

  4. As I recall, the novel’s description of Ben was more in line with Redford, and some involved wanted to approach him, but Nichols (rightly, imo) found him too California pretty for the role.

  5. Buck Henry saus they were originally thinking “High California Dumb” for the parents, with Doris Day and Ronald Reagan as dream casting, but going with Hoffman rather than a Redford type enabled them to think quirkier. I think it’s good because the story has a generation gap one-sidedness built in, and so a goofier Ben mixes it up a little.

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