I guess you could impress me by naming some of the films these trailer extracts claim to represent. Or just post your favourite goofy trailers. Bonus points for linking to Trailers from Hell.

14 Responses to “IT!”

  1. It’s MELVIN!

  2. A couple of them are from “The Blob” and I think ‘Hate & Horror Gave It Life’ is from whatever the hell that movie with the walking tree monster is called. My eye couldn’t quite resolve the scrunched up letters in that last screen grab into ‘scintillating.’ ‘What does that say? Skin-tillating?’ Has anybody ever used that? Russ Meyer, maybe?

  3. I see “It Came from Outer Space,” “It Came from Beneath the Sea,” “It Conquered the World,” and “Invaders from Mars” in the mix.

  4. Very good, all. “It’s scintillating” (a word that always looks wrong: best avoided in trailers) is from The Three Worlds of Gulliver.

  5. bensondonald Says:

    for nearly everything, but especially these:
    /Users/donaldbenson/Desktop/Flaming Story of.tiff

  6. bensondonald Says:

    Okay, it’s not letting me place the screen grabs. I meant to single out:
    — “The Flaming Story of”, superimposed over Vikings flaming.
    — “Full Panoplied Spectacle”, which I thought referred to awnings.
    — “The Knighting of Prince Valiant”, as if that were an action scene.

    Bonus feature:

    Note that the Stooges themselves are the least funny (and least emphasized) element of the movie. The movie itself manages to be expensive-looking and cheesy at the same time. The reasonably impressive battle scene comes out of nowhere near the end, too late to help Edson Stoll (his singing and his ventriloquism act are both dubbed). The Stooges did better in their cheap B&W kiddie features; they were just as old and de-knockabouted, but unweighted by panoply.

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  8. Stooges and panoplies don’t mix, you’re right.

    Prince Valiant offers “PAGEANTRY!” as if this were some kind of ATTRACTION. It puts me right off anything, personally. I’d sooner have a panoply, if forced to choose.

  9. Danny Carr Says:

    “You’ll see torture pits for forbidden lovers!”
    “See monster weed attack helpless beauties!”

    And my favourite:

    “See giant molluscs! See them fight to the death!”

  10. Shades of Vyvyan Stanshell’s “Wrestle poodles and win!” from Captain Apollo.

  11. John Seal Says:

    A party political broadcast?

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