Here Hare Here


What the hell’s he on about now?

I don’t know — but head over to the Daily Notebook and it might make sense. Possibly.

This week’s edition of The Forgotten.

And isn’t that Robert Ryan?

I think so.

7 Responses to “Here Hare Here”

  1. David Boxwell Says:

    _Nobody_ looks good under fluorescent light. Especially after 20 years of boozing under yer belt.

    (Thinking wistfully about Aldo Ray in Cukor’s 1952 THE MARRYING KIND, with that adorable raspy voice coming out of that ripped fireplug body).

  2. He’s pretty damned bulbous here, but he inhabits the role. There’s also a strangling scene where he turns purple in an instant, without the aid of special effects. Not everyone can do that.

  3. Aldo Ray spent his last days living in an office above a sex shop on Hollywood boulevard. He was utterly penniless. Very sad.

  4. And around that time he even appeared in a hardcore porno. Just dialogue, I don’t think he was called upon for any “action.” Whatever happened to him to bring him to that?

  5. It’s sad that he would’ve had a comeback of sorts in David Lynch’s Dune. He was originally cast in the Patrick Stewart role but he was fired because of his alcoholism. It would’ve been a big Hollywood role late in his career.
    Sean Young put her home movies of Dune up on Youtube a few years ago, and you can see him looking unwell.

    I was impressed that David Lynch chose him after he’d been off the map for so long. I wonder which Aldo Ray films he liked

  6. david wingrove Says:

    David Lynch has a flair for rediscovering has-been stars. Just think of Dennis Hopper in BLUE VELVET. The Tarantino of his day?

  7. Lynch sometimes casts people after seeing them interviewed — Robert Blake on Johnny Carson, etc. So that could have been it.

    Given DL’s belief in angels, We’re No Angels might be the one.

    Poor Aldo.

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