September Songs

Ingrid Bergman commands you to LOOK — at this week’s edition of The Forgotten over at The Daily Notebook.

Vincente Minnelli’s last, shattered dream, “A MATTER OF TIME,” is our subject, a haunted half-film lost somewhere between conception and resolution, with the crass fingers of Samuel Z. Arkoff making unwelcome intrusions around the edges — but still, there’s enough beauty and passion in it to make the bittersweet experience worthwhile for hardcore Minnellians, I’d say.

10 Responses to “September Songs”

  1. David, don’t forget that today you also have a very funny Gilda limerick up at Limerwrecks.

  2. I went looking for it but I don’t think it was up when I posted this. Will link to it tomorrow — although interested parties can locate it via the blogroll on the right of the main page here.

  3. No big deal. You’re going to be on Limerwrecks a lot this October. Y’know, for some reason I don’t see the blogroll–or anything else –to the right.

  4. And I think our days might just start on different sides of the planet…

  5. Hey–the sidebar just magically appeared!

  6. Oh, I get it. It’s just stupid me. It’s not there when I’m making a comment. D’oh! Now that I’m in my dotage I guess I’ll have to get used to such public embarrassment.

  7. Y’know, like when i have a conversation with myself…

  8. david wingrove Says:

    I wouldn’t even have recognised Ingrid Bergman in the photo!

  9. Recognition comes and goes in this one: sometimes she’s very much herself, and sometimes almost a self-parody.

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