Poet Craftsman of Cinema


Starting October 2nd, the west coast of the USA gets a taste of the pleasures the east coast was able to enjoy recently, as Berkeley’s PFA screens a tribute to Julien Duvivier, featuring LA FIN DU JOUR, LE BELLE EQUIPE, LA TETE D’UN HOMME, POIL DE CAROTTE, and many more. I’ll be there in spirit. Hope some Los Angelinos can drop in on the movies and report back. Am inclining to the view that there’s no such thing as a bad Duvivier, although not all of them reach the heights of the quartet listed above.

3 Responses to “Poet Craftsman of Cinema”

  1. Hmf. I live a damn sight closer to Berkeley than any Angelinos, but have it your own way, David.

    P.S. I probably couldn’t make the trip for more than one or two of the films anyway – they’re scattered throughout the month. I prefer more concentrated schedules. Less driving (I detest driving around the Bay Area).

  2. My ideas of US geography are probably, shall we say, naive.

    I think La Tete d’un Homme might suit your tastes, a complex detective story full of amoral characters, based on the same Simenon story as Man on the Eiffel Tower.

  3. That was actually one of the two I was going to try to see. It’s a bit later in the month so I may be able to schedule it in. If it was this weekend or earlier, it wouldn’t be possible.

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