The New Year’s Intertitle



From AN EASTERN WESTERNER, starring Harold Lloyd, directed by Hal Roach. The shimmie (or shimmy) was considered a highly salacious dance, which is why everyone thought it was cute when four-year-old Jackie Coogan did it on stage. More innocent times, etc…


3 Responses to “The New Year’s Intertitle”

  1. How to shimmy, courtesy of Jerome Kern. The singer’s real name is Lea Thompson (the mom in “Back to the Future”):

    As for salacious children:

    Baby Rose Marie grew up to be the sharp-tongued “Sally” on the original “Dick Van Dyke Show”, where she’d still sing from time to time. And at last report she’s still around, doing cartoon voices.

  2. Pretty scary. The “filmed off a TV set” wobble adds Lynchian menace.

  3. kevin mummery Says:

    After that shimmy stunt I want to see someone limbo under a rug.

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