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Okay, so the idea was, now that for the first time in my life I can say I’ve watched all the silent Hitchcocks still known to exist, why not throw the pieces in the air and assemble a new one? Hitchcock is ideally suited to mix-and-match montage (see any documentary about him) because his shots are so strong, and so surreal at times when viewed out of context (CUT: from Joseph Cotten turning straight to the camera, to Norman Lloyd plummeting from the Statue of Liberty, to Jimmy Stewart sitting bolt upright in bed). I was going to whip something up with my el-cheapo editing programme, but the thought of inputting all the material was rather daunting, so I just did THIS ~
























I’d like to see more blogs make their own foto-romans and fumetti. Frame-grabbing images from movies feels SLIGHTLY creative, and this feels like the logical next step. Maybe we should attempt a blogathon on this theme?

21 Responses to “The Latest Hitch”

  1. Arthur S. Says:

    That’s way better than anything I have seen from Guy Maddin.

    That’s not disrespecting the Guy but a compliment to you. This post just upped the ante on the blogosphere. Hitchcock if he’s haunting the cyberspace would be all chuffed having his huge ego inflated even further by this monument to his silent work.

  2. Oh my God, everybody’s getting carried away!

    God, reminds me I must watch My Winnepeg. I’m paused in the midst of The Blood Drinkers right now. I’ve only seen two horror movies from the Philippines and they’re both amazing! I guess all the others are lousy like everybody says, but I have to look further.

    I want to make a Blood Island movie!

  3. Arthur S. Says:

    I didn’t like MY WINNIPEG very much. But it’s a great SHADOWPLAY topic. My favourite Maddin is his short THE HEART OF THE WORLD.

  4. Christopher Says:

    the Blood Drinkers is really creepy..manages some some truely unique atmosphere in its cheap way..I have the Blood Island Vacation box set…Mad Doctor of Blood Island is the real crowning achievment…Its got more of what makes these things click…Brides of Blood is next…If you only see one..Mad Doctor is the way to go…

  5. Nothing to say except Bravo!

  6. My favorite Maddin is Sissy-Boy Slap Party

  7. Mad Doctor of Blood Island is such a great title.

    As if being on Blood Island weren’t bad enough, there’s a Mad Doctor on the loose!

  8. Blood Island is actually pretty touristy these days, so they have to import mad doctors to jazz things up.

    Sissy Boy and Heart it World are both terrific pieces. And I want to see his Rossellini.

    I’m working on another Hitch RIGHT NOW. And I’ll definitely do more when I finish the British period.

    Now, IMAGINE what could be done with MURNAU!

  9. Christopher Says:

    “..blood island biiiingo..its the name of the game..”Since they had John Ashley,I’m suprised they didn’t import Frankie and Annette and a load of others…Beach bunnies and monsters..gee ..what an original idea!

  10. Bikini Party on Blood Island sounds teriffic.

    Guy Maddin’s Brand Upon the Brain! is also marvelous. I saw it perfomed here in L.A. with a small orchestra, a live Foley sound effects crew (all wearing white hospital smocks) and Barbara Steele doing the narration as only she can.

    Udo Kier did the narration on other nights but I missed his performance, alas.

    Udo lives in Silverlake these days and I often see him around town.

  11. Tell him hi!

    I guess what this is leading to is some anonymous (possibly as yet unborn) genius editing beach party movies together with Philippino horror movies. But it won’t be me!

  12. Arthur S. Says:

    My Dad is a 100 Years Old is a terrific film as well but that’s clearly Isabella’s film.

  13. You can see Guy Maddin’s The Heart of the World and Sissy boy slap party here:

    I haven’t seen My Dad is a 100 Years Old yet but would like to, as I love Roberto Rossellini’s work, having seen most of his films.

  14. Must see if I can track it down.

  15. Arthur S. Says:

    Well Isabella Rossellini’s sister, Isotta didn’t like it. So it’s not for all tastes. For me it’s about a daughter’s love for her father.

    It posits Rossellini as an anthropomophic pillow that’s supposed to be the belly of his not inconsiderable paunch.

  16. You can see a short clip from My Dad here:

    Arthur, your description of My Dad is a 100 Years Old is quite Freudian. Of course Guy Maddin is quite Freudian as My Winnipeg shows.

  17. Arthur S. Says:

    Well Isabella openly admits to having an “Electra Complex”. I have to say that not only is Rossellini a belly, but the film has Isabella Rossellini playing Selznick(complete with makeup, glasses and cigar), Fellini(complete with pretentious cape), Chaplin(with angelwings so he can fly away) and also voices a moving silhouette of Hitchcock(articulating the real life antagonism between the two auteurs, stemming naturally because of Ingrid leaving Hollywood for Isla di Stromboli). She also plays her own mother all glammed up on a big screen.

    My problem with MY WINNIPEG is not it’s Freudianism but more it retreading many of the same ground of earlier Maddin films, it was like he didn’t have anything new to say on this film. I didn’t like the voiceover too much, felt it was too verbose. I loved the song though, “Wonderful Wnnipeg” and that bit about people living on the rooftops of houses and of course the bit about the horses trapped in ice and of course Ann Savage(the opening bit is spellbinding), “I know about Fur and I KNOW about Blood.” I just wish that she was narrating the film in-character.

  18. I take an interest in anything Maddin does, because he’s really carved out his own place in cinema, and it’s quite an appealing one. And it’s so great that Ann Savage got one last great role (more of her would certainly have been great, I agree). Too bad nobody did the same for Kathleen Byron here.

    So I need to catch up with my Maddins.

  19. This was a lovely post.

    The ending of My Winnipeg, with the lost buildings of Guy’s youth reconstructing themselves under the power of Citizen Girl, comes to mind at random times of the day and chokes me up every time.

    My Dad Is 100 Years Old is on a DVD included with the book Isabella wrote about her father a couple years ago.

  20. Glad you liked it, Mr Hitchcock is kindly preparing another little stilly (a movie that doesn’t move) for me to post. Later this week, in fact maybe tomorrow if I don’t come up with something else.

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