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3 Hardened Crims

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Barry Foster phones in his performance.

William Marlowe: money to burn.


Stanley Baker: the very living end.

ROBBERY (1967), directed by Peter Yates, is a fictional version of the Great Train Robbery of 60s English criminal legend. It’s well-made but not particularly distinguished or interesting — nothing to match the car chase in BULLITT or the handheld running battle in BUSTING, although it does have a detective played by James Booth who looks distractingly like Ray Davies. Douglas Slocombe’s photography was ruined by the TV cropping, but check out the colours in that first image.

Had to watch this for the cast, but when I tried to, Fiona wandered in during the credits. “Stanley Baker? Joanna Pettet? Barry Foster??? You can’t watch this without me!”

And there’s perhaps not too many women who would say that. So what I would say is, if you’re out there, and you’re single, and sometimes despondent about it — there is hope.