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waterhouse 6

This is the last published Waterhouse strip… though I’m not certain there weren’t more, never published and presumably now lost to history. (The artist doesn’t even have a copy of the subatomic minicomic here scanned and presented to perhaps a larger audience than ever saw it in print…)

The back cover is particularly good, and really makes me want follow-up mini-comics!

waterhouse back


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waterhouse haiku

A Japanese take on incomprehensible Japanese behaviour as observed in the equally incomprehensible west. And flying toasters! Remember them?

waterhouse 5

I wonder what Waterhouse would have sung if there were an extra panel?


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waterhouse desert

Episodes 2 and 3 of Waterhouse, the subatomic minicomic by Japa Fett. In these episodes, we get sudden, extreme perspective, and things break out of stick-figure flatland to become somewhat three-dimensional. If JF had kept drawing the strip after around 1991 it’d be virtual reality by now. Or actual reality.

waterhouse baby