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I Have Questions

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UHU and Applesauce

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Tom Weaver’s Science Fiction and Film Fantasy Flashbacks is an entertaining collection of interviews with actors and other personnel from cult SF and horror movies. Debra Paget, now rich, married and living in Texas, has some fun stories.

Debra, do you recall?

Asked about her skimpy dance costume in Lang’s THE INDIAN TOMB, she says it was stuck on with “a marvelous glue called UHU.” This amused me because I grew up with UHU and never appreciated its marvelousness fully until now. “In fact, we used to call it ‘the UHU movie’ because earrings were glued on, everything was glued on!”

So, we have to remember this — from now on, THE INDIAN TOMB is to be called THE UHU MOVIE.

I am in little doubt as to which illustration in this post is more enjoyable to look at.

Paget also talks about appearing in an episode of Roger Corman’s TALES OF TERROR. More substance abuse here — Vincent Price’s graphic decomposition was achieved with caramel applesauce, poured over his face. Rathbone, blinded by sweet goop, had to hang onto the camera itself to guide him forward. “I am not one to break up and waste time on a set, but David Frankham and I laughed so hard and Roger got so upset with us!”

Debra doesn’t say whether TALES OF TERROR should be nicknamed THE CARAMEL APPLESAUCE MOVIE, but I figure yeah, maybe.

The Invisibles

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If you set out to make a film called THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, naturally you will end up with a lot of images of an empty set. Like this one.

Or these.

Abandoned movies. Lifeless sets, like Fritz Lang’s felicitous rooms, waiting for the events needed to bring them to narrative awakening.

HARVEY the pookah proves similarly camera-shy in this picture. And how are you today, Mr. Wilson?

From an invisible rabbit it’s a short jump to an invisible man and Abbot —

The comics are off arguing somewhere, while Vincent Price poses nude on the rug, secure in the fact that he cannot be photographed in his present condition. The Hays Office would never stand for it.

A friend only just worked out which was Abbot and which Costello. I sympathise — as a child it was obvious to me that “Bud Abbot” was a short fat guy’s name.