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Readers’ Wives of Dracula

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Landscape in the Mist.

This is basically me experimenting with Photobucket and frame grabs!

Shadows and Fog.

These images are from Jose Larraz’s VAMPYRES. I always found the horrible sexy vampires in it a bit too “Penthouse Pets” to be really terrifying, but the autumnal English countryside shots, photographed by the distinguished Harry Waxman (BRIGHTON ROCK, ENDLESS NIGHT) are stunning, and juxtapose effectively with the scenes of blood-smeared naked chicks getting it on, 70s-style (unconvincing softcore frottage).

Two Ladies.

The misty 70s vibe makes me think of another film from this time and place:

Stoner Henge.

Which leads me irresistibly to this defining image of the times:

Roger Vadim.