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Posted in FILM with tags , , , on October 1, 2015 by dcairns


TOBOR THE GREAT sounded like it was going to be fun —

Me: “His name is ‘robot’ backwards!”

Fiona: “I love that he’s called ‘the Great’!”

— but turned out to be Republic Pictures’ answer to THE INVISIBLE BOY — not good.

(I’ve never even made it far enough into THE INVISIBLE BOY for Robby the Robot to show up — the only reason for watching.)

TOBOR, enjoyably clunky in design, becomes kind of a bore because he doesn’t talk. However, he responds to telepathic summons, which leads to an Exciting Climax.

The lovable old scientist and his Spunky Grandson Gadge (!) are being held hostage by Russian spy Stephen Geray and his henchmen. Loveable O.S. is being forced to divulge/jot down his Secret Formula — the bad guys actually tear open his spunky G.’s shirt and threaten to blowtorch the youngster! The spunky G. starts concentrating hard, summoning Tobor with the power of his mind!

Tobor hears, and comes lumbering cross-country to the rescue!

I like this because it’s an emotive fantasy — it taps into the Power of Prayer, a moving dream for any lad who has determined by Actual Experiment that you can pray until your frontal lobes rot off but GOD AIN’T COMING. Tobor is better than God — he actually answers your prayers, and then smashes the bullies’ faces in which his huge steel pincers. This is what we want from a deity. We don’t tend to get it.