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New Arrivals

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Two from Masters of Cinema, on my window sill —

For mysterious reasons the picture is empinkened like faded Eastmancolor.

A TOUCH OF ZEN has a video essay by me and editor Timo Langer.

A NEW LEAF has a video essay by me with editor Stephen Horne. And a text piece by chum Glenn Kenny, the second time I’ve shared disc-space with the bard of Brooklyn (THE GANG’S ALL HERE is highly recommended).

Buy both and you can decide which of my editors you like best, or whether you prefer King Hu or Elaine May. I like both! It’s like snails and oysters, with me.

The Indiegogo campaign for THE NORTHLEACH HORROR is raging away — we have reached halfway to our target already, thanks to some super-generous patrons of the arts. Am worried that we may have exhausted our supply of really generous dedicated friends, family and followers — prove me wrong by helping out, or spread the word!


Cabinet Maker

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THE CABINET OF DR CALIGARI gets a new UK release, theatrically in selected venues, and on Blu-ray/DVD from Masters of Cinema. The latter features a video essay by me, edited by Timo Langer. I pitched hard to get the gig, because it seemed like a terrific film to tackle in that way — the story is so packed with ambiguity, reordering it and re-emphasizing it is a joy. I am proud to say I’ve introduced a new hare-brained theory to the reading of that film, which ninety-very-odd years on still retained unplumbed depths of peculiarity. It feels like you could spin a new interpretation out of any random minute in its modest runtime.

I can also report that the film looks nearly new, and the experience of seeing it is totally new — a different film, now we can see the actors’ expressions in long-shot. Werner Krauss’ essentially comic performance is sharper, and Conrad Veidt’s tragic one is even more poignant now that he seems to be in the room with you…

“If ou have the means, I highly recommend checking one out.”

It streets on August 29th — not yet up on Amazon for pre-order — I’ll keep you posted.

Falling for the House of Usher

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By clicking here

Fall of the House of Usher [Blu-ray]

you can buy a fine Blu-ray of Roger Corman’s THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER featuring, among many marvelous extras, a little video essay I put together with the mighty Timo Langer. My ambition is to become a Great Video Essayist. I’m not there yet, one has to start somewhere.

Nothing else lined up to see print just now, though I just got a review copy of a disc for Electric Sheep — and I think I know what my next film will be.

All this jet-setting (Telluride-Pordenone-Lyon!) BTW, is made possible by the fact that a feature script Fiona and I wrote ages ago finally went in front of the cameras and we got paid a chunk of our fee (some of it we had when in what is known as development, some is deferred). More on that later…