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Desert Bloom

Posted in FILM with tags , , , on November 7, 2020 by dcairns

THE SHELTERING SKY from Arrow is the latest Blu-ray to feature a video essay by Fiona and I, with Stephen C, Horne editing. A fascinating and challenging film to write about. Lost in Transit covers Vittorio Storaro’s highly personal colour theories, book v. film, the positioning of TSS in Bertolucci’s career, and much, much more.

I hope you’ll buy — but I also and even more so hope you’ll buy my novel, We Used Dark Forces, available at Amazon US and UK and you can also read it on Kindle Unlimited and I get paid by the page, like Henry Miller doing his Parisian porn.

I could never be bothered with a Patreon page but buying the book is a way of supporting Shadowplay but it’s not just a donation — you get 250+ pages of hand-curated words in the form of a funny story with the continuation of characters created in my short film THE NORTHLEACH HORROR. So you can treat it as a book or as a means of tipping for the daily content here.

Coming in October, November, December

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Anatole Litvak Week or Maybe Fortnight! Been watching lots of films by the not-insanely prolific but prolific-enough Kiev-born megaphonist and there is much to admire. So I don’t think I can fit it into seven posts and so why let it spill over when I can just call it a fortnight and look like I know what I’m doing?

October will also see the publication of a very special article for a respected organ. Kind of a Halloween treat. More later.

On October 12th, Arrow releases the Blu-ray of WARNING FROM SPACE, which has a text essay accompanying it written by yours truly, me. All about the film’s strange history of release in the English-language market, and the odd things done to it in the name of translation.

On November 2nd, the Blu-ray of THE SHELTERING SKY to which Fiona & I have contributed a video essay (edited by Stephen C. Horne, produced by Neil Snowdon) will be released by Arrow.

Both films are available to pre-order now.

In early December, tradition has it that The Late Show Late Movies Blogathon is held. A usual, it is open to all — start thinking now if you’d like to write something on a filmmaker, actor or studio’s late or last works. Don’t wait for an invite — volunteer, please!

This Sweltering Guy

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The word is out —

Fiona, Stephen C. Horne and I have contributed a video essay to the forthcoming Arrow Blu-ray on Bertolucci’s THE SHELTERING SKY. It streets in November.

One thing we missed —

I identified the above shot as an echo of Orson Welles —

And I think I was bang on, given Bertolucci’s talk of his Wellesian influence. What I overlooked, but producer Neil Snowden pointed out, is a more direct connection —

Now, I don’t know if Coppola had a great influence on Bertolucci generally — I know the reverse is true — but Vittorio Storaro shot both APOCALYPSE NOW and THE SHELTERING SKY so that is, one might say, highly relevant. A case of me leapfrogging past the fundamental in search of the obscure.