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Al Capone: A Warning From History

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  1. A podcast on the cinematic legacy of Al Capone. Highly recommend you just start listening and see what happens.
  2. Funny how much of America hasn’t woken up to the fact that they’re living in a kleptocracy. A robber baron in charge, we have seen before. A robber baron in the pay of a foreign power is, I think, new.

The Chicago Way

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SCARFACE stars Louis Pasteur; Molly Louvain; Pendola Molloy; the Duc de Richlieu; Surat Khan; Spats Colombo; Fishbone; Hjalmar Poelzig; Count Mancini; Freedonia’s Secretary of War #1; with Kitty Packard, Montague L. ‘Monty’ Brewster, and Sandoni.

THE ST. VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE stars Cable Hogue; Quiller; Mike Hammer; Freeman Lowell; Dr. Eldon Tyrrel; 2nd Lt. Michael Shannon O’Rourke; Armand Duvalle; Seymour Krelborn; Walter Paisley; Jake Gittes; Sweet Sue; and the voice of Colossus.

THE UNTOUCHABLES stars Wyatt Earp; Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein; Robert ‘Duke’ Anderson; Farley Mowat; Terry Benedict; Ava Paige; and Sheriff J.W. Pepper.

The St. Valentine’s Day Podcast:


The Shadowcast: Scarfaces

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Fiona and I look at cinematic manifestations of Al Capone. Because episode seven was recorded before episode six, it will sound like our colds are getting worse, whereas in fact they’re all gone.

The key texts are the Hawks SCARFACE, THE ST VALENTINE’S MASSACRE, and THE UNTOUCHABLES, but we try to touch on every major movie Capone. Hope we didn’t miss YOUR favourite!

Wanted to put this one out there in time for Valentine’s day.