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Yesterday — two contrasting screenings of THE NORTHLEACH HORROR, one with a disparate program of shorts, one with Steve Barker’s kinetic, political zombie theme park movie THE REZORT, which was a total blast. Steve’s audience was my kind of audience.

Spent most of today with the makers of HAROLD AND LILLIAN: A HOLLYWOOD LOVE STORY, an utterly charming documentary about a creative collaboration between two members of movie professions who never normally get films made about them: Harold Michelson was a storyboard artist who worked with Hitchcock on THE BIRDS and MARNIE, with Mike Nichols (he designed the shot where Anne Bancroft’s legs frame Dustin Hoffman) and many, many others, while his wife Lillian ran a research library based variously at the AFI, Zoetrope and Paramount. Two amazing and lovely filmmakers, profiled in detail in a film that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking (certain organs break easier when they’ve been warmed).

With the film’s director Daniel Raim and his co-producer and co-editor Jennifer Raim (another great husband-and-wife team) I strolled the city on a sightseeing tour and then dropped in on THE LOVERS AND THE DESPOT, yet another film about a creative partnership, in this case the story of South Korean director Shin Sang -ok and his ex-wife, movie star Choi Eun-Hee, who were reunited when they were both kidnapped by Kim Jong-il and forced to make movies to raise the prestige of the North Korean film industry. A compelling and crazy story, beautifully told.


The perfect blendship.

My editor friend Timo Langer has a copy of Kim’s book on film-making, On The Art of the Cinema — it’s not exactly a manual, more a set of dictats, vague-sounding aesthetic principles about how “each element of a film should be in balance” — the kind of things you can image a not-very-bright studio exec coming out with if asked to pontificate on a panel. It’s sort of like Bresson’s Notes on Cinematography as written by a dilettante blowhard. Or like Hamlet’s notes to the players, translated from the original Korean. Very boring to read, since it’s all just gassy generalisations, but a great talking point to have on your bookshelf. I covet it madly.

The Longest Lanyard

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OK, so I have my festival brochure, my staff pass and my press pass. Co-writer Alex Livingstone gets the filmmaker pass, because how many lanyards can I wear before my slender neck gives way?

Dates for the diary ~

Tomorrow I open the Festival, if you discount the Opening Night Gala and Party, with POW!!! Origin Story, presenting the development of comic book heroes in the cinema, from 1895 to (sort of) the present day, showing how our retrospective fits into the history books. This will be at 16.20 in Filmhouse 3.

Speaking of the retrospective, I will be introducing DANGER: DIABOLIK in the same venue at 18.20, and then MODESTY BLAISE on the big, big screen of Filmhouse 1 at 23.10.

On Friday, our movie THE NORTHLEACH HORROR premieres in the shorts screening at Cineworld at 18.00. This is sold out, officially, but there will probably be more tickets available on the day. Then we premiere AGAIN, if that’s even possible, in front of THE REZORT at 23:25 in Filmhouse 1.

On Saturday, THE REZORT gets a second screening, accompanied by THE NORTHLEACH HORROR again, at 20.35 in Cineworld. Still tickets available for this one, I believe.

I’ll be at all those screenings.

On Saturday I resume intros for POW!!!, so you can see me in front of BARBARELLA, then the next day TINTIN AND THE MYSTERY OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE, LONE WOLF AND CUB: SWORD OF VENGEANCE, etc. I don’t know if I’ll be at GOLGO 13, as I have a funeral that day, and I’ll be out of the country at the end of the fest so will miss POPEYE and FLASH GORDON, but I think you’ll see me and co-programmer/mastermind Niall Greig Fulton before BABA YAGA, FRIDAY FOSTER and BATMAN: THE MOVIE, the last-named featuring a Very Special Guest.

What I don’t quite see is how I’m going to finish a book chapter, a DVD text essay, and edit an entire video essay at the same time. But no doubt there’s a way. It generally turns out that there is.

The waiting is almost over

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Tickets are now on sale for THE NORTHLEACH HORROR!

You can see it as part of a programme of shorts, in which I am delighted to be screening with a film by my friend Tracey Fearnehough, my fellow-teacher at Edinburgh College of Art, or you can see it with feature-length zombie safari movie THE REZORT, directed by another friend, Steve Barker. Charmingly, both NORTHLEACH and REZORT had their costumes designed by Alison Mitchell (another friend, naturally).

I’m also very excited about the fact that our world premiere is on June 17th, the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s little ghost-story party, at which Frankenstein was conceived.

The dead will walk again!