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Posted in FILM with tags , , , , on August 16, 2013 by dcairns

Credits of THE LIQUIDATOR by Richard Williams Films. I’m not sure the walking collar and tie effect is clear enough, but the piece as a whole is grand stuff. The walking in and out of doors which appear only as white rectangles wiping into and out of existence in black is very like Williams’ PINK PANTHER titles.

We were lucky enough to see Mr. Williams at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival, where a huge array of his work was screened. THE LITTLE ISLAND was presented in two aspect ratios, spreading out to widescreen as the characters morph into kaiju. As the borders of the screen withdrew in awe, Williams filled the frame with vast blank slabs of intense colour, and I felt I’d never seen anything so vast in my life. It put Imax to shame by skill rather than scale.

Williams had told the projectionist earlier that if he pulled this off, it’d be the first time the movie in its 50 year history had been projected properly.

The show ended and Williams, who is in his early eighties, eagerly vaulted over the front row of seats and ran to the stage to answer our questions. For the first time I felt that his current plan, to make an animated feature film all by himself, might actually be possible. If anyone could do it…