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Euphoria #24: O, Superman!

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This climactic sequence from THE IRON GIANT is suggested for its euphoric, nay, CATHARTIC qualities, by comic book guy Mike Cavallaro. That Riding to the Rescue moment is something we haven’t seen that much of here at Cinema Euphoria, but it must be one of the earliest euphoric feelings we experience as kids-at-the-movies (since kids get exposed to adventure movies A LOT).

Sadly, my first cinema outing was less than joyous — I was taken to see DR. DOLITTLE as a tot (Sexy Rexy, not Eddie Murphy), and began to cry as soon as the lights dimmed. Nobody had told me it would get dark.

But soon enough I was thrilling to Richard Lester’s THE THREE MUSKETEERS and FOUR MUSKETEERS (I can still recall a boy behind me gasping “Cor, right through him!” as D’Artagnon impales his foe at the end), James Bond and Godzilla (how we cheered at those Saturday matinees, as perspiring Japanese extras slugged it out at 100fps across destructible Tokyo dioramas) and, treasured memory, the 1933 KING KONG, revived at Edinburgh’s late-lamented Odeon, Clerk Street.

got this poster as a kid

I like Brad Bird. His humans can be kind of bland sometimes, but each of his features has had surprising virtues (great use of props in RATATOUILLE), and they provide alternatives, at least to a degree, to the Disney tradition which has dominated and stagnated for too long. I especially like the fact that B.B. writes and directs solo, an almost unheard-of thing in animated feature films. Yet his movies are more dense with ideas and gags and plotlines than most of the other ‘toons whose writers and directors work in teams, “like piano movers”.

I also like, at a safe distance, the powerhouse ego working away in the man. Asked about T.I.G.’s box-office failure, Bird shrugged it off by observing that DUMBO had been a box-office disappointment too. That kind of self-confidence must be fun to have!


However — time to re-explain the mission statement here: little moments that make you happy. No more climaxes, big action sequences and cathartic triumphs (although there are some already suggested which may run). Let’s keep some mystery to it! All suggestions are welcome, however — let’s hear from some lurkers.