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Low-tech Ick

Posted in FILM with tags , , on November 30, 2013 by dcairns

Low-tech ickiness from a Hong Kong manga adaptation, THE PEACOCK KING (1988). Groovy combination of stop-motion animation and full-scale live-action physical effects. Combinations of different media can sometimes get a little icky in their own way, but I think this is pretty good work. A mixture of performance (the actor moving in jerks to smooth the transition to model animation); camerawork (post-TETSUO spasmocam, like the film itself is having a fit); AMERICAN WEREWOLF type prosthetics, bladder effects etc; and stop motion for when the character becomes definitively non-humanoid — they manage to keep the camera moving even then, though, which is impressive; and maybe there’s even a distorting mirror effect to fake the neck stretching?; and of course the gruesome sound effects help sell it.

Oh, maybe don’t watch over breakfast?