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(Un)forgettable Ruins

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A panoply of ridiculously beautiful and talented people.

The Edinburgh-born musician Bert Jansch died this week — I didn’t really know anything about him, but by one of these weird coincidences that have been piling up around me lately, I’d been listening to the soundtrack for Roddy McDowell’s TAM LIN right before I saw his name as a trending topic on Twitter (anytime you see your name trending on Twitter, get your pulse checked because it probably means you’re dead). And I discovered only then that Jansch was a founding member of Pentangle who did the memorable, eerie, folky music for that odd film.

The country house is Traquair, not far from Edinburgh. So the movie relates to Jansch both musically and geographically.

I wrote about TAM LIN here.

And here are the Edinburgh bits of the film.

Alva Street, a Georgian New Town area… South Queensferry, with the Forth Bridge (as seen in Hitchcock’s THE THIRTY-NINE STEPS)…

Jansch is a fantastically influential guitarist, ripped off by all and sundry (but especially Jimmy Page). This article in The Guardian fills in useful backstory.

A Pentangle collection: Light Flight – The Anthology


My City #1

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Was mildly distressed to read the other day, on his fine blog, that the great Jonathan Rosenbaum was in Edinburgh recently and he didn’t look me up. And we’ve been getting on so well. But then I thought, maybe it’s my fault. Could it be I don’t mention Edinburgh often enough?

Here’s a nice gloomy skyline from Roddy McDowell’s extraordinary TAM LIN.

Fey Awry

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As The Auteurs’ Daily puts it on Twitter: “Roddy McDowell directed a film once. Once.”

Rush over to The Auteurs’ Notebook and wallow in the sensual delights of Ian McShane’s orange sunglasses in TAM LIN, this week’s Forgotten.