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Rhyme and Unreason

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , , on August 30, 2012 by dcairns

The Forgotten brings you the first in a short season of unusual gialli — suggestions for future installments will be gratefully received here, while specific comments on this week’s choice should be left over there at the Daily Notebook. Hope you enjoy!

AND, as if that weren’t too, too much ~

A Charles McGraw limerick! The jaw that walked like a man, at last available in five-line poetic form.

Three Johnny-Alucard-Come-Latelys on the Supernatural Blaxploitation front, one by me on DR BLACK, MR HYDE, and one by Hilary “Surly Hack” Barta on the same subject, plus a last Blaculimerick by Mr H, here.

Now GO!


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BLACULA limerick. A collaboration between Hilary Barta and myself. Quite a good one!

Supernatural Blaxploitation Fortnight ends today! One more post…

Crawling from the Limerwreckage

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Three supernatural blaxploitation limericks comin’ atcha —




I must say, the possession make-up in ABBY affects me much as Dick Smith’s makeup on Linda Blair did — both seem crude,  well over the top and unconvincing — but somehow they’re all the more upsetting for it.