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New Year, New Podcast

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Happy New Year!

Fiona, myself, and Momo the spacecat venture into the trackless voids of interstellar space in our latest podcast, proving that the space between the stars will MAKE YOU CRAZY. Examples include George Pal’s CONQUEST OF SPACE, Jindrich Polak’s thoughtful Czechoslovakian Stanislaw Lem adaptation IKARIE XB-1, Bernard Knowles’s goofy but ambitious Brit nonstravaganza SPACEFLIGHT IC-1: AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE, and John Carpenter and Dan O’Bannon’s existential comedy DARK STAR.

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.


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New Forgotten!

When Fellini was preparing JULIETTE OF THE SPIRITS, which he claimed (falsely) was his first colour film, he was walking around trying to really SEE the colours of the world, and this put on a certain strain, “Until my friends said, Federico, is there something wrong with your back? Because you are walking like a robotto.”

That probably never happened, of course, but Fellini puts his fat finger on a modern malaise, what we might call The Deckard Dilemma — am I human, or just a perfectly designed automaton? (OK, he wasn’t talking about that at all, but go with it…)

Adjacent to that source of existential angst is another, only slightly less discomfitting — I may be human, but what about the guy in the next office cubicle? What about everybody else?

And THAT is the subject of the ripe slice of Polish sci-fi under discussion at the Daily Notebook, linked to above.