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London Calling

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As I get ready to leave London, a late (last) entry in this year’s Late Movies Blogathon graces our screens, via Pamela Hutchinson of Silent London, no less. THE WHALES OF AUGUST is a final film for two of its players and its director, and a penultimate film for another. It perfectly captures the bittersweet sense of journey’s end that this blogathon attempts to get at.


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Image via Observations on Film Art.

I have spoken of her once before. She led me on a wild Milanese goose chase ending with a decomposed saint.

Now I’ve had the big screen Borelli experience at Il Cinema Ritrovato with MALOMBRA, a film I wasn’t quite sure I was seeing or dreaming (a bit like yesterday’s BACCHANAL OF DEATH). So I’ve contributed a short appreciation to Silent London, here.

The Sunday Intertitle: Presenting the Lumiere Sisters

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If you don’t know Silent London, you should, even if you’re a non-cockney. I have co-contributed an article, basically providing bits of word-glue, and the wonderful Pamela Hutchinson of SL has kindly published it. Here.

You can either try to puzzle out the meaning of the resulting oddity, or you can try to guess which bits I wrote and who my sisters are (they both hang out at The Chiseler). Or both.

Oh, it’s called Better Stars Than There Are In Heaven, and I am happy to claim credit for that suggestion.