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Men without Legs

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , , , , , on August 29, 2020 by dcairns

In the troop of beggars we see in Capra’s POCKETFUL OF MIRACLES, along with Angelo Rossitto, newspaper salesman and small actor, we have a guy with no legs, propelling himself about on a flat cart. I was curious to see what his other credits were, but the IMDb merely listed him as “Shorty,” and when I clicked on that, it said “Shorty is an actor” and gave POCKETFUL as his only movie. But now, as I meticulously fact-check this piece, I find that he’s vanished, perhaps reunited with his phantom lower limbs in some celluloid limb-o.

(The internet is a Heraclitian river or a Borgesian Book of Sand.)

Two more Shorties feature in THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY. One is a guy nicknamed “Shorty” because he is short, though not as short as Angelo Rossitto. He gets hanged. The actor’s name was Jose Terron and he only just died last year. Sorry, Shorty.

But some online sources misidentify Terron as the legless, alcoholic ex-soldier, walking Johnny-Eck-fashion with the aid of wooden blocks, who feeds Angel Eyes (Lee Van Cleef) information. This guy, referred to as “half-soldier” by a sneering Angel Eyes, seems to be a Spanish amputee discovered by Leone on location, and nobody knows his name.

BUT — he has a filmography — I’m almost positive he’s also see among the limbless veterans in Cottafavi’s I CENTI CAVALLIERI. Same face, same lack of legs, same mode of ambulation.

A Spanish Civil War war veteran, or an accident victim, or what? We may never know. Unless Sir Christopher Professor Frayling has winnowed out the facts.

Mann Up!

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , on August 3, 2010 by dcairns

It’s decided — next week, starting Monday 9th, will be Anthony Mann Week here at Shadowplay.

The sharp-eyed among you might have noted the lack of an August edition of the Shadowplay Impossible Film Quiz. This will happen — but maybe not until after Mann week.

Meanwhile, this coming weekend I shall be in Klosterneuberg, where my film CRY FOR BOBO is getting screened at the Shortynale Kurzfilm Festival. I must say, it’s delightful the movie is still getting festival action nine years after it was made. Delightful and weird.

If I make it to a computer on Sunday, I’ll be able to post the first ever Sunday Intertitle Live From Austria, but this is not 100% certain to happen. And Saturday could well be affected too. But you’ll have Anthony Mann to look forward to, so I figure that makes us even.