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A 1930s Film Bestiary

Posted in FILM with tags , , , on July 30, 2018 by dcairns

The Believer magazine has put its back issues online, which means a few of my old articles are now available to read without you having to go to the trouble and expense of buying back issues. This one is co-written with B. Kite, but I won’t tell you who wrote what. Weirdly, the site doesn’t mention my co-author at all, which needs fixing.

The illustration above is Eugene Pallette, drawn by Seth. My favourite of his illos for this piece.

I’ll link to the other articles of mine shortly.

Thugs With Ugly Mugs

Posted in Comics, FILM, literature with tags , , , , , on March 4, 2008 by dcairns

don't you believe it

Set your thrillometers to overload as I prepare to move amongst you in printed form!

The new film issue of The Believer, out v. soon, features concerted verbiage by myself and the immortal man-myth B. Kite, in a little set of blurbs dealing with the HOT TOPIC of 1930s character actors. Those of you of an American disposition, geographically speaking, should have little trouble laying your fervid fingers upon it. 

The “article”, as I understand these things are called when applied to paper, is copiously illustrated by underground cartoon hero Seth, but even more thrillinger than that, the front cover is by demigod Charles Burns and he’s chosen to feature one of the thesps I worded about, the estimable Eugene Pallette (fat guy, lower right).

“…With the body of a warehouse and a basso-profundo voice which seemed to emerge, with loud echo, from somewhere beneath the floor he stood on, Pallette was often typed as wealthy capitalists, but his weight was seldom explicitly referred to. What we got instead was the perpetual umbrage machine, the tetchiness of a man who knows for certain that his waistline is about to be mentioned or at least thought about…”

Now buy a copy and READ ON.

thundering umbrage