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lester harris from David Cairns on Vimeo.

Another story from Richard Lester. This one is not just about hair and drunken actors, as might seem to be the case on the surface — it’s about Lester’s manic need to be always progressing through the day’s shot list, rather than wasting time and money waiting for things to happen. So whatever the circumstances, find a way to shoot something and a way to use what you shoot, because if film isn’t going through the camera, time is literally a-wasting!

The movie is JUGGERNAUT and the sole reason for giving this anecdote a video treatment is it’s kind of nice to see the story he’s telling illustrated with the actual bit, so we know he’s not making it up.

The longer piece from which this scene was deleted is here.

My piece for Criterion on A HARD DAY’S NIGHT also appears on the UK disc from Second Sight —

A Hard Day’s Night: 50th Anniversary Restoration [Blu-ray]

Our next deleted scene will look at THE RITZ.