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Euphoria #20

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My chum Nicola Hay suggests this delirious moment from KISS ME KATE. Fiona very nearly chose it as her first Cinema Euphoria entry, but Louis Prima as a cartoon orang-utan just pipped it on the Smilometer.

But who can truly measure such things? As Nicola says, Ann Miller always looked like she was really enjoying herself.

(I don’t have the DVD — damnit, why DON’T I? — so I can’t replace this rather fuzzy image found on Youtube with a sharper one.)

This movie also features Bob Fosse, previously featured in Cinema Euphoria in his role as director of SWEET CHARITY. Choreographer Hermes Pan (renowned for his work with Fred Astaire, though Fred is the prime mover there) encouraged Fosse to do his own choreography, since Fosse had a unique way of moving.

A lot of young Lynchians see Ann Miller in MULHOLLAND DRIVE and don’t realise what a wonderful artist they’re seeing. Lynch, who never auditions actors, probably saw Miller in a talk show or interview (he cast Mystery Man Robert Blake in LOST HIGHWAY after remembering his appearances on Johnny Carson). Miller gave great interviews, and she had quite a story to tell. Among other things, she believed she was the reincarnation of Queen Hathshepsut of Ancient Egypt, and her difficulties with men stemmed from the fact that in her previous life she could have them executed whenever they displeased her.

Well, I guess that would simplify things.

Queen of the Nile