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This is the budget top page of Charlie Chaplin’s A KING IN NEW YORK, (1956) here called THE KING IN NEW YORK. The part I like is:

“The fact that we have not had a script to work from has been a very considerable handicap and the estimates are naturally subject to the eventual requirements of the script and certain other considerations.”

1) Chaplin had been used to working without a script in his silent days, and perhaps it took him longer than expected to produce one here.

2) The author of this budget sounds peeved about it!

3) I like the mysterious “certain other considerations” …which shall remain nameless.

A KING IN NEW YORK is Chaplin’s penultimate film, and not one of his best. Although set in NYC, it was filmed in Britain at Pinewood Studios as Chaplin had been refused permission to reenter the US. The film is a somewhat embittered attack on HUAC and American life in general, but it shows a steep drop in quality from Chaplin’s previous talkies.

But this bit’s pretty good —

I like the Ed Wood-type gender-confusion film, with the gnomic line about Denmark, the fashionable gibe at widescreen, and all the stupid gunplay. I guess A.K.I.N.Y. has a touch of Frank Tashlin’s scattershot satirical bite…but Tash was doing it better by this time.