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Rudy the Wrangler

Posted in FILM, Science with tags , , , on March 7, 2017 by dcairns

This story was told me by a friend who worked on a fishing TV show hosted by Scottish actor Paul Young. Young had been in Michael Winner’s western CHATO’S LAND (an unpleasant affair: don’t watch it) and had at least one story to tell. I’m telling it as my friend told it to me, hopefully correctly.

Young Paul Young

There was a horse wrangler on  the film called Rudy (this checks out: Rudy Ugland was his name). Rudy was a relaxed sort of cowboy, usually to be found with his feet up, hat pulled over his eyes, until needed. Whenever Winner let loose his nasal bray “Roooo-deeeee!” he would tilt the hat back, stand, and saunter over to see what needed doing.

One day, Winner decides to set up one of his periodic artsy shots, shooting under a horse, using its belly and front and back legs to frame the shot. I haven’t rewatched the somewhat obnoxious oater to locate this angle, but it sounds like the kind of thing Winner would do when he was feeling a bit Sid Furie.

The horse and the camera and the actual subject of the shot — maybe including Mr. Paul Young himself — were all in position, and Winner looked through the viewfinder to check the shot. Hmm, something not right. Some diagonal obstruction cutting right through frame.

It turns out the horse has an erection, which is making the shot a little TOO expressionistic. The image is cut in half from top right to bottom left, like a split screen. Like you might expect to see two characters engaged in a phone call, either side of the horse cock.

“ROOOO-DEEEE!” calls Winner.

Rudy raises his hat brim, stands, moseys over, looks through the camera, sees the problem, moseys over to the makeup artist, asks to borrow a can of hairspray, returns to the horse, and — SKOOSH — sprays the tip of the unruly member with hairspray. And the thing retracts like a telescope.

Tip of the ole hat to Mr. Winner, and Rudy walks back to the startled makeup woman, hands her the hairspray back, returns to his seat in the shade. Hat down Feet up.