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The Northleach Horror

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Here it is. As it’s completed its festival life, we’re making THE NORTHLEACH HORROR available to all.

Alex Livingstone and I wrote this WWII-science-fiction-horror-espionage comedy. David Jack and Plum Films produced it. I directed it. It seemed to go well! The image above, admittedly, was filmed during the most uncomfortable conditions any of the crew had ever experienced. Edinburgh in January is cold. But if you go up into the hills, it gets much, much worse.

Thanks to all who helped on this movie, a great team, and especially our great cast: Freddie Fox, Steven McNicoll, Gavin Mitchell, Raechel Alexandra, Niall Greig Fulton and Nic Crum. All an absolute joy to do silly things with.

I want to be able to say something like “Whitsuntide will return in MADNESS IN THE QUEEN’S HEAD,” but who knows what the future holds? I found some fingers on the floor and I’m crossing them.

Appreciative comments and constructive criticisms are ALWAYS welcome.


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I’ve become a co-programmer! Niall Greig Fulton at Edinburgh International Film Festival hatched the bright idea of putting together a retrospective look at the first real wave of live-action comic-book movie adaptations, which broadly occurred in the sixties and seventies. This will happen in June, and asides from BATMAN: THE MOVIE (pictured) we will be running such classics and oddities as BABA YAGA, BARBARELLA, DANGER: DIABOLIK, FLASH GORDON, FRIDAY FOSTER, GOLGO 13, MODESTY BLAISE, POPEYE, SWORD OF VENGEANCE and TINTIN AND THE MYSTERY OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE. The focus is international and aims to cover the field fairly thoroughly — quality control accounts for the omission of KRIMINAL, and cost accounts for the absence of KAGEMARU OF THE EGA CLAN and all the LONE WOLF AND CUB sequels (which we wouldn’t have time foe anyway, alas).

I have to put together a show with Niall tracing the evolution of the form, from TILLIE THE TOILER and SHOW GIRL through the DICK TRACY movies, BLONDIE, and all that. Should be fun, though God knows when it’s going to get prepared…

Still to be announced — a big job for Criterion, just completed, and two for Masters of Cinema, about to be begun. THE NORTHLEACH HORROR is mired in post but I see light ahead, possibly shed by some vast, ectoplasmic predator…

Everybody’s a Critic

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Dead Critics D Cairns from David Cairns on Vimeo.

So, I may have mentioned that I directed twenty seconds of the bottom right-hand corner of CLOUD ATLAS…

The filmmakers wanted a fast montage showing the book Knuckle Sandwich by Dermot Hoggins (Tom Hanks, in maybe the best of the film’s many makeups) becoming a runaway bestseller after Hoggins murders his only reviewer by chucking him off a tower block. Tom Tykwer seemed to find the idea of killing a critic highly amusing, so I went along with that when I took the job of directing

I think enough time has passed that I can post the video of my bit. If you see the movie, the splitscreen goes by so fast and in a babel of sound that you wouldn’t really know it had happened. Looking at the piece now, I don’t like it too much — the “satirical” tone is unconvincing and it’s not clear what kind of show this is meant to be. It totally lacks the satirical authenticity of a Brass Eye, for instance. I do think we could probably have done something in between our minute-long first cut and the twenty-second final version, which might have played better, but a job’s a job.

There was a suggestion that all the split-screen segments might turn up as extras on the Blu-ray but I don’t think this ever happened — correct me if I’m wrong.

Jo Gil and Nelisa Alcalde were my ace team.

The Knuckle Sandwich plotline of CLOUD ATLAS also features Niall Fulton as one of Hanks’ brothers, marking a pleasing connection with LET US PREY, NATAN, CRY FOR BOBO and THE NORTHLEACH HORROR, in which he also appears, playing, respectively, a psychotic GP, a papier-mache film producer, a Keystone cop and a Nazi officer.

My review of CLOUD ATLAS, posted from the Dublin International Film Festival where NATAN was also showing, is here.