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Project Fear

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , on September 21, 2019 by dcairns
An Italian actress in a Franco-German horror movie with a Polish director, set in England.

It seems irresistible:

Fact 1: Britain is supposedly exiting, or Brexiting the EU on 31st October, Halloween.

Fact 2: Brexiteers accuse remainers of organizing “Project Fear” to make us all scared of leaving.

Fact 3: I always feel I should do more for Halloween on Shadowplay.

A former Miss Israel is menaced by offscreen Englishman in an Italian horror movie.

Thus, Project Fear: a week-long wallow in European horror cinema, running from Sunday 27th October to Saturday 2nd November. A way of showing solidarity with our mainland cousins, and celebrating Samhain like good Scots. Achieving nothing, of course. Helplessness is a big part of feeling afraid. And if the medicine can’t get into the country, we are personally affected in quite a significant way.

A German actor emotes in another Italian horror film set in Bavaria.

I would like help! If you have an article on European horror cinema lining your bottom drawer, or would like to start a fresh one, I offer you a safe outlet. I may try approaching a few of you about it, but don’t be shy — propose something. I will say oui, si, tak, po, sim, igen, tha, ano, ie, taip, da, ja, jo, jah, joo, yo, evet, iva, diakh, nai and YES.

An Italian, a Frenchwoman and a Frenchman in an Italian horror movie set in England.