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Feet of Clay

Posted in FILM, Mythology with tags , , , , on February 1, 2020 by dcairns

A stash of Blu-rays just arrived from Eureka! Masters of Cinema — all releases I’ve worked on in my capacity as video essayist. I’ll talk about them in three separate posts.

(Also: I repainted the floor. Need to clean it though.)

DER GOLEM comes top of the pile since I collaborated on it with Fiona. We each wrote and narrated part of the commentary and supervised the edit, performed with typical skill by Stephen C. Horne. I’m trying to monetize Fiona’s brain — her ADHD traits make her a particularly dogged researcher, and she turned up tons of stuff here that doesn’t usually get mentioned, including a key collaborator on the film, Marlene Moeschke, who has tended to be written out of the history of this classic film.

2019-08-15 17.52.50