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Bathroom of Mystery

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Marking and hand-in time at college so my part-time job has become a full-time one for the moment, but to make myself even more tired I decided to do some midnight grouting. This did the trick and actually helped me sleep, I think. Light physical work after a day of mental work is quite relaxing. Of course, the fatigued efforts of an inexperienced grouter are not necessarily going to be the best you can get — the bathroom kind of looks as if the Michelin Man has committed suicide in it.

But I also found time to enjoy all 383 minutes of LA MAISON DU MYSTERE, and this forms the basis for this fortnight’s edition of, you guessed it, The Forgotten. The 1923 serial is available from Flicker Alley and features translation and liner notes by my chum Lenny Borger, and music by other chum Neil Brand. Linkage.

The Count of San Francisco

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Follow the link to read my little intro to a very special screening at the next San Francisco Film Festival, in honour of film journalist, film historian, film translator and film detective Lenny Borger, one of our expert witnesses in NATAN and an all-round hero of the cinema. The film they’ve chosen to honour Lenny was already written about by me here, but I’ve thrown together a new intro for the website and a longer piece for the full catalogue. If you happen to be in the area, you shouldn’t miss this.

And one good reason THIS film has been chosen to celebrate THIS man — it was Lenny who put together a complete print of the 1929 super-epic!

Monte Cristo’s Revenge

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One of the talking heads in NATAN, the film Paul Duane and I made together, belongs to Lenny Borger, translator/subtitler, scholar and film detective. It was great catching up with him (and many other people) on my recent visit to Paris, and he mentioned a movie he thought I should see. Henri Fescourt’s stunning MONTE CRISTO is thus the subject of this fortnight’s edition of The Forgotten, here, and it’s a film I hope I can help popularise — it deserves to be seen.

Lenny has a kind of personal interest, since his role in rediscovering the long-lost film and restoring it to its full running time in a very nearly pristine form was a crucial one. But his connection to the project hasn’t caused him to overrate the movie’s quality. As the RKO publicity department would say, It’s Terrific!